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How to Break Through as a Professional Gamer


How to Break Through as a Professional Gamer

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Being a professional gamer takes more than just being skilled at a game. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to go next or even how to enter the industry at all. What can you do to get yourself going in esports? There is a lot you can do (and most of it right now!) to bolster your recognition and start making a career out of your passion. If you put in the hard work, there’s no limit to how far you can go. Read further to learn about:

  • The basics on starting out as a professional gamer
  • What to do for experience and getting noticed
  • Having patience and persistence on your journey

Practice is priority one for pro gamers, Image courtesy PR Week

Entering Esports Step One: Practice, Practice, Practice

Yes, it sounds cliche, but practice really is everything. Even if you’ve got skills at a game, the rust will set in if you don’t exercise them. Keep in mind that there are a lot of other players around your skill level you’ll need to keep up with. Slipping backwards will mean less exposure for you anywhere you compete. The last thing you want is to start falling behind everyone else and be left in the dust.

Veterans of the esports world tend to have vigorous routines when it comes to practicing. On average, most spend about 8-12 hours a day in training alone. This doesn’t include breaks to do things like eat. As you prepare your eyeballs for the intense workout, remember that the pros still take care of themselves. Many, like Clinton ‘’Fear’’ Loomis, talk about paying attention to yourself and realizing when your performance is down due to fatigue. This is the point where you should either break for awhile or stop for the day. So it isn’t necessarily about practicing as long as you can, but about finding a training routine that allows you to keep and improve your skills while still staying mentally and physically healthy. Burning out will only harm you and your career. Successful pro gamers work to find a balance between practicing and their outside lives. Some even find different ways of training, like doing reflex or brain exercises. Not only does it prevent burnout, but can increase other skills to improve your overall play.

With so much time needed to remain pro level, it’s probably a good idea to focus your efforts on one specific game. How do you choose a game for you? Start with games you’ve already got some experience with and enjoy playing (you’re going to be playing it a lot more after all). If you have one you’re particularly better than others, go for that one. Doing some homework on this game is another way to get better. Spend some time watching high profile tournaments to see the play styles of veterans. Plenty of top-ranked players who know their game inside and out offer tips and guides online(and sometimes published books) as well. Studying these techniques can help you figure out how to improve your own play, and perhaps add some master strategies to your ability. 

Being involved in esports can build a career, Image Courtesy Inside Higher Ed

Getting Your Esports Name Out There By Getting Yourself Out There

Entering the esports scene can be intimidating when you’re fresh. It may seem overwhelming trying to get noticed and start making money by yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to increase your appeal. An easy and simple way to start is to create an online presence. Want to show off how good you are? Start a live stream dedicated to it. There's no better way to make an archive of your skills and gain a following in the process. Social Media is another way to up your exposure. Post about what you’re playing, anything from opinions to tips for others. Get talking with other pro esports players online and you’ll soon be part of the community. These are your ‘co-workers’ in a way, and being in the loop with them will greatly benefit your own career. The more active you are online, the more people that will notice you and your pro gaming hopes.

Of course, esports doesn’t just happen on the internet. You’ve got to show up in the scene to be a part of it. Research some local tournaments in your area, a lot of places offer entry level tournaments that anyone can join. You may not be making money immediately, but if you can make a splash there, you could qualify for higher level play. Plus you’ll be able to get a feel for how esports is organized and how you should handle yourself during it(managing stress, good sportsmanship, etc.). Going to as many of these as you can will net you experience and a lot of exposure. It’ll also get you ready to tryout for an esports team, another way to get farther in the industry. You can find teams scouting for players on websites, or in some instances, right in your own community. Are you enrolled in college? A lot of campuses are adopting esports into student life, and looking for hungry newcomers just like you. It’s a great starting point for fully going pro.

When you make your presence felt by getting your name and yourself out into the esports scene, you’ll quickly widen your horizons and potential for success in the industry.

Consider an Esports Agency

Once you’re committed to esports and have kicked off your career, what’s the next step? If you’re looking to maximize your chances in landing sponsorship deals and other business in esports, you should consider finding an esports agent. An esports agency(like right here at Boosted) can help you brand yourself so you can increase your earnings. Along with getting you in touch with valuable companies looking to sponsor pro gamers, you can also receive aid in building an online marketplace for your merchandise and other various e-commerce. Having a team of experts behind you can really open up your opportunities in the esports industry. 

Branding yourself can also include creating a logo or other things to set you up as a unique esports personality. A great logo can help you stand out and look more professional. Most esports agencies help with designing and can sometimes even help you advertise it. Once you have a logo you can be recognized and remembered for it, just like the top pros.

An esports agency acts as a guide through the uncertain waters of competitive gaming. It’s an investment worth looking into.

It takes dedication to start winning as a professional gamer, Image courtesy MVC

Pro Gamer Persistence is the Key to Success

It can take a long time to gain traction in the esports industry. You’re not going to win ALL the time, especially not when you’re just starting out. If you keep striving to get better, you eventually will. Even simply not coming in last place counts for something. Celebrate these small victories, they’re still another step of improvement for you.

Patience is a virtue in the esports world. It’s ok to be upset when you lose an important game, but you never want to be the guy that has a tantrum over it. Realize that your opponent is trying to make a career for themselves just like you. Shake their hand and thank them for the match. When you graciously accept defeat, you’ll show your good sportsmanship and respect for fellow gamers, an appealing look for someone trying to get noticed in the industry. Showing this same respect to your opponent when you win will dignify you even more. Putting the ‘professional’ in professional gamer is the way to build the positive reputation that will lead to more opportunities. 

Along with patience, it’s persistence that will help you succeed. The esports industry is massive and only gaining popularity in today’s landscape. Sometimes it may seem like you’re not getting anywhere. In times like these, think about what you can change or improve to get back on the winning path. Constantly being outplayed by others? Maybe it’s time to tweak your practice routine. Struggling to find more opportunities to compete? Up the ante on your social media and streaming profile, and they may just find you. There is always something that you can be better at. Keep at it and always strive for greater. That’s how you can boost yourself further in esports. 

It’s certainly not easy to become a professional gamer, let alone a successful one. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, and time to make money from it. If you are truly dedicated to an esports career, don’t give up! Breaking through may seem impossible at times, but if you build yourself up by following these tips, you just might make it.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020




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