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How to Improve The Quality of Your Stream


How to Improve The Quality of Your Stream

Monday, December 23, 2019

You have a stream that's gaining momentum, but you’re still looking for ways to improve. You want your stream to be the best that it can be, so what can you do to ensure a high level of quality? Let’s take a look at some basic things you can start doing right away to improve the quality of your stream. Read further to find out about:

  • Looking for Streaming Sponsorships
  • Building yourself and your stream
  • How to keep yourself professional
Two people shaking hands as they agree on a sponsorship deal
A stream sponsorship can net you a lot, image courtesy Vestdavit

A Crash Course in Streaming Sponsorship

One great way to up the quality of your stream is to get a streaming sponsorship. Companies everywhere (and not just gaming companies) are looking for streamers to advertise their products to their viewers. Even massive brands like Coca Cola are getting in on it. Working out a deal with a company is a great way to make your stream more official and net you some money you can put towards equipment. Sometimes sponsorships find you if you have a big enough following, but most of the time you will need to search on your own.

There’s a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for a sponsorship. First, consider how you feel about the brand or product. Do you want to align yourself with this company and their message? Is the product something you have a real connection with? You’ll want to do some research to find your best choices.  A great place to start finding potential sponsors is by taking a look at what brands you actually use and enjoy during your streams. Maybe you have a headset that you absolutely love and wouldn’t ever use anything else. Companies want to know stuff like that! It’s even better that you can truly recommend them without simply being paid to do so. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite brands, no matter how small your viewership is.

You’ll also want to keep your available options open. Don’t look past a company because it isn’t widely recognized. You may actually have a better chance of getting a sponsorship from an up-and coming small business looking for a modern way to advertise. In a way, they are in the same position you are. You could benefit them as much as they can benefit you. Just be sure to do a bit of research on them first to check legitimacy and if you can truly promote them to your viewers.

Keep in mind that sometimes deals simply fall through. Don’t get discouraged if a brand isn’t interested or you can’t come to agreeable terms. It just means that this wasn’t the right sponsorship for you. If you keep looking and keep your stream professional, you’ll eventually find one that works for both parties.

Milky's Branded stream page with a purple color scheme and his logo all over the place
An example of a stream main page with logo and color scheme, image courtesy

Building Yourself--and Your Stream

Sponsorships are a start, but there are a lot of other things you can do to add quality to your stream. If you plan on streaming professionally, you’re going to want to make yourself known. One way to do this is by taking advantage of your social media options. Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and the like are all available as other avenues for interaction with your audience. You can give updates on your stream, advertise future streams, and all manner of other things that you couldn’t do with just streaming. Using different mediums broadens your virtual horizons.  The wider presence you have online, the more people you will reach. Make sure you always mention your social media during your stream and that you are actually posting to your accounts.

Another thing you can do for quality is to, in a way, choose your stripes. A creative and professional looking logo will set you apart from everybody else. It should be something that defines your stream and you as a streamer. Try to think about what games you play or something you want to be known for, and don’t be afraid to contact an actual artist. Picking a color scheme takes this concept a step further. Think about how sports(or esports) teams are specially designed. They have a logo and a certain color scheme to go with it that makes them recognizable, and if you do the same you’ll stand out. Your main page, for example, should follow your color scheme and have your logo present. This will make your stream look professionally designed and give it a higher quality.

Don’t be afraid to run with your creative ideas. Following the formula most other streamers use may work to start you out, but trying something new will give you a unique edge. Maybe you thought of a weird way to play that nobody else has yet or found a skill you want to show off. Absolutely give it a shot. Just one good idea could evolve into a hook and eventually what you’re known for, making your stream unique and more appealing to potential viewers. You should also try to stream games you want to play, not just focus on the titles that are popular. Your stream should be about what you want to make it, so don’t worry too much about fads-- choose your own way to play. You’ll be more eager to put in the work because you care about what you’re streaming, raising the quality.

While you do want to stand by yourself as a streamer, remember that you are still part of a community. People like you are trying to make a career out of what they love as well. You should try to ‘stay in the loop’ with your colleagues by checking out what they are doing and supporting them. Get in contact with them if you can, as friendships could lead to bigger opportunities. They could take a liking to your streams as well and recommend you to their viewers. You might even end up doing a few streams together, introducing your content to more people. Getting in contact doesn’t even have to remain virtual. There are conventions you can visit to mingle with viewers and streamers alike in-person. Making those connections can help boost your reputation and widen your audience exposure.

A gamer sits at his computer playing a game
Putting time into your stream instantly aids quality, Image courtesy

Keeping Yourself Professional Leads to a Professional Stream

The thing that can always add quality to the stream is simple: you. That’s why everybody is really watching, after all. The term ‘influencer’ comes up a lot in discussions about people like streamers who have viewers watching and imitating what they do. Some even look to them for how they should behave towards others. Keeping professionally mature, which is as simple as being responsible with what you say and how you act in front of your audience, will make your stream more professional. You do have some level of influence, so remember that when you present a good image of yourself people will think highly of you and your stream.

If you’re trying to make streaming a job, treat your stream like it IS a job. Try to put in a regular amount of hours a week on a schedule. Plan ahead of time what you’re going to do during your streams. Have a special email address for business that's appropriately named after your stream. Keep your audience updated on stream status. In the long run, all of this will keep you organized and in a healthy, balanced routine as well as increasing your self motivation. You have the benefit of choosing yourself how to do things, so take advantage of being your own boss! Make sure you stay on top of everything and you’ll have a much smoother time being a streamer. Just like a job, working hard goes a long way. The more work you put towards making the stream professional, the more professional it will be.

Budgeting your funds may also help with your professionalism. Being responsible with money is important for a quality stream, especially when you’re first starting out. It’s a good idea not to be too cheap, but at the same time you don’t want to overspend money on something that probably won’t pay off. Be aware of how much you can put towards the stream and decide the amount you’ll put towards what.(Here’s where a stream sponsorship can be helpful). For example, perhaps you spend some so you can upgrade your microphone and spend a little less on games that month. This is a better plan then spending your entire fund in one place and having none left over for anything else. Keeping a close eye on what you have and balancing costs will improve the overall stream quality.

Improving the quality of your stream can be easy when you put your mind to it. You’ve probably got the first step covered already: you care. You are dedicated making the stream the best that it can be for yourself and your viewers. With a little hard work, it really is possible for you to be successful in the industry.

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